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release your inner fool

Improvisation Course

For everyone who stands in front of a public, an audience. For theatre makers and performers.

For those of us who feel restricted in being our true self under such circumstances.

For those who want more freedom in body and soul.

About the art of play…

As a child we have played as much as we could, this was our way to learn about life.

At school, we were taught not to play.

Only during a break were we granted this but, with restrictions.

Outside of school, I have often seen this:

a child standing quite still, observing…then suddenly, bursting into running or dropping into the grass and kicking her legs singing a song, or dancing a sacred dance with some invisible other.

Why would I want to re-learn this spontaneity, this just following my im-pulse?

When I am in communication with an audience, however small, I want to be more free, in connection with my humor and energy. I want to dare to be imperfect.

It is to connect more deeply, with my creativity, my inner child and the joy of experimenting.

All of our fantastic designers and inventors know this art of play. We sometimes need to find an inner emptiness, a void of thoughts, worries, structures and comments.

A still point, the courage to surrender to the point where the space opens for new…

This moment is Zen.

When, being part of the audience, we witness such a happening, we hold our breath, feeling the goosebumps for awe and respect.

So what will we learn?

The Art of Play

Get to know your inner fool

In this workshop I offer you the space and safety to find out, to unfold. To be like the fool, who steps over the edge of the cliff into emptyness, into the unknown.

Mostly, we will first meet our own protector. This is the self, that we will allow to speak first, so we get to know its language and concerns. Once this controller has had it’s say, has been heard and respected, then we might very well be allowed access to the underlying characters in us.

We learn: THE ART OF PLAY.

Now we can be the dog that is suddenly free from its leash, it jolts into life and expresses its being to the fullest, finding out as it runs along, all the stored energy bouncing of him, he will trip and bump into another…but as an elastic band he restores himself and continues.

The coming workshop is during the weekend of May 25 and 26, in Rotterdam


Time Window – Teilingerstraat 120, 3032 AW Rotterdam

Also, there will be a workshop on June 1 and 2, in Amsterdam


Marci Panis – Marcusstraat 46-52, 1091 TK Amsterdam

Times: 10.00 – 17.00 hrs

Language: Dutch and/or English

Costs: €100,- per weekend

Participants: a maximum of 7

Admit: by sending me a mail, please add your mobile nr.

Mailaddres: [email protected]

Lydia 2019

Who is Lydia?

Lydia Petzoldt is a mime performer and actress, she starred in numerous productions and films. She co-founded Vitrine Mime Theatre in 1991. She facilitates The Empty Space workshops, she works as a director, a mime-teacher, as a training-actor. She is a coach for anyone who faces an audience. It was Franki Anderson who introduced her to the Empty Space work in 1993, Franki’s verb for this work is: Fooling.

During her career as an actress, Lydia has continued to touch down during the workshops with Franki, finding more and more inner space to perform from.

Lydia loves thinking upside down and gives fantastic feedbacks.

Mailadres: [email protected]